About Us

The Clough Fellowship, established in 2008 has helped send over 450 students from Western Garfield County to college. These students are selected on a basis of financial need, a clear plan for their future and their desire for a “chance to succeed.”

Clough Fellowships are awarded on the basis of financial need and are intended to assist students in securing degrees from vocational, two-year, and four-year schools. Students are encouraged to apply to more than one school, including at least one school in Colorado, and to find an affordable school. Students are especially encouraged to consider attending one of the many campuses of Colorado Mountain College. Students and their families are expected to contribute towards the cost of higher education, which will likely include obtaining loans. Clough Fellowship funding is not available to attend private, for-profit proprietary schools. Students whose family adjusted gross income is over $90,000 are unlikely to be eligible unless there are special circumstances. Applicants must show motivation and potential to succeed in college or vocational school. Award amounts are determined by funds available, family resources, and other scholarships and grants received; Clough Fellowship amounts differ for each student.

Fellowships are available to high school graduates of Garfield County School Districts 16 and RE-2 who demonstrate financial need and who have resided in western Garfield County for at least twelve months prior to the application start date. Graduates of the current school year will be given first preference; however, individuals who have graduated within 24 months prior to application submission and who have not started a post high school education or college program are also eligible to apply. Fellowships are also available to applicants who reside in the District 16 or RE-2 attendance areas and have graduated from a local, publicly funded alternative high school supported by the district or have completed a GED within 24 months prior to applying.

The application deadline date is March 15, 2017.